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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The perfect lovers

The perfect lovers

The perfect lovers(US Army in Korea l NYC)
HD 1440 x480(video)
Two-channel video
7:00 min

  The perfect lovers 2011 is a performance-based video which redirects the given meaning of Felix Gonzalez-Torres' art historical objects from the gender issue of homosexuality to cultural homologization in a geo-political situation between Korea and the United States. The video projection splits along a vertical axis into two frames. Each frames show myself holding a wall-clock in two different locations, one is near a U.S. Army base in Korea and the other is in New York City. As in the Gonzalez-Torres work, two identical clocks are put together along the vertical line, at once separating and joining, partitioning and linking, dividing and connecting the multiple locations, here functioning as a metaphor of an ambivalent military relationship between the two nations.

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