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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sometimes history becomes present.

Range <Anticipated Installation View>

Sometimes history becomes present (2011) is a series of photographic documents in which JaeWook Lee put a blank transparent sheet on a window pane. The artist captured a smoke beyond the window within the transparent sheet by his camera, and he took another picture of the smoke spread out into the air beyond the outline of the transparent sheet. He changed the color of the first picture resembling to a yellowish old, fainted war photograph. The slight intervention what JaeWook Lee did on window reminds the historical bombardment during the Korean War as well as a current tension between North Korea and South Korea, even though the smoke was a simple fire in a construction site.
Sometimes history becomes present (2011) exists in two parts: the first part is a series of photographic documents of window installations and the second is an installation in which the photographic documents are projected from a cannon-like slide projector alongside with bullet-like balls the artist designed. The artist call this device cannon-projector.

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