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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The perfect lovers

The perfect lovers

The perfect lovers(US Army in Korea l NYC)
HD 1440 x480(video)
Two-channel video
7:00 min

  The perfect lovers 2011 is a performance-based video which redirects the given meaning of Felix Gonzalez-Torres' art historical objects from the gender issue of homosexuality to cultural homologization in a geo-political situation between Korea and the United States. The video projection splits along a vertical axis into two frames. Each frames show myself holding a wall-clock in two different locations, one is near a U.S. Army base in Korea and the other is in New York City. As in the Gonzalez-Torres work, two identical clocks are put together along the vertical line, at once separating and joining, partitioning and linking, dividing and connecting the multiple locations, here functioning as a metaphor of an ambivalent military relationship between the two nations.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"All men are created equal"

JaeWook Lee’s All men are created equal Bullshit (2011) consists of two slide projections of the artist transporting water through his mouth, from shore to river to ground, as he writes Thomas Jefferson’s immortal phrase, “All men are created equal” - to which he adds: bullshit. The artist’s laborious action appears absurd in light of New York City’s shoreline of majestic skyscrapers, emblematic of the overdeveloped city in contrast to the potent struggle of the masses against neo-liberal capitalism. The action blurs distinctions between the experience of art, the art object and the space of art, challenging the city’s control of art in the public space. The fact that the work was written with water also leads to the ephemeral nature of the work, just as contemporary art becomes obsolescent in its organic integration with media culture. Moreover, Lee’s work repeats processes of generating and destroying symbols that are removed from art, reminding us of our aesthetic nature that creates and transforms through beauty and crisis. - Denise Carvalho

Monday, June 20, 2011

The memory of Korean War

The memory of Korean War is a single-channel video. I created a gun-projector that I altered a beam-projector by attaching a M16 BB gun with 100m electrical wire. The projector becomes movable so that the performer can take it out. The performer in this video shoot the images of bombs on smoke and moving trains at night. The reflected images are the historical bomb-drop done by U.S. army during Korean War. The images with the memory of war soon disappear as the smoke evaporates.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sometimes history becomes present.

Range <Anticipated Installation View>

Sometimes history becomes present (2011) is a series of photographic documents in which JaeWook Lee put a blank transparent sheet on a window pane. The artist captured a smoke beyond the window within the transparent sheet by his camera, and he took another picture of the smoke spread out into the air beyond the outline of the transparent sheet. He changed the color of the first picture resembling to a yellowish old, fainted war photograph. The slight intervention what JaeWook Lee did on window reminds the historical bombardment during the Korean War as well as a current tension between North Korea and South Korea, even though the smoke was a simple fire in a construction site.
Sometimes history becomes present (2011) exists in two parts: the first part is a series of photographic documents of window installations and the second is an installation in which the photographic documents are projected from a cannon-like slide projector alongside with bullet-like balls the artist designed. The artist call this device cannon-projector.